Développement d’un microscope miniature pour l’étude de l’activité neuronale dans des animaux se déplaçant librement

A fundamental goal of neuroscience is to understand the basic operations of the brain, and how they are affected by behavioral changes. More specifically, the ways in which neuronal activity is it related to the cognitive and behavioral processes? Since its development, optical microscopy has always been an instrument of choice to study the cellular properties of the brain. Coupled with many fluorescent probes available, it elucidates issues neuroscience, both structurally and functionally. Doric Lenses, Inc. proposes the development of a micro-endoscope fluorescence less than 2cm3 and implantable dimensions on the head of a rodent to study neuronal activity in the brain without affecting its freedom of movement. Once measured, the properties of the cells can be correlated with behavioral observations and to highlight the relationship between the activity of neurons, and observed behavior.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Daniel Côté


Olivier Dupont-Therrien





Life sciences


Université Laval



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