Diagnostic, Prognostic and Health Monitoring of Aircraft Flight Control System

The reduction of aircraft life-cycle cost and environmental footprint, increasingly desired by the aerospace industry, requires innovative ideas not only at design level but also at maintenance level. Aircraft manufacturers are looking for highly reliable equipment; however, degradations due to wear and tear and faults/failures are inevitable. Thus, when degradations occur, aircraft owners/operators want to be able to identify (i.e. detect and isolate/localize) them as early as possible and replace the faulty unit as quickly as required (and feasible). Also, it is highly desired to evolve from time-based to condition-based maintenance (CBM). This requires the capability to predict degradation progression time profile and thus estimate time-to-failure (TTF) or remaining-useful-life (RUL) of components. This will help optimize maintenance scheduling and reduce time dedicated to maintenance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ruxandra Botez


Yamina Boughari




Visual arts


Aerospace and defense




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