Digital Distribution and Online Resources for e-Learning

This research will help, a non-profit online streaming platform for independent Canadian film and video artworks, determine how best to serve a widening range of users and partners given growing interest prompted by COVID-19 restrictions. The primary focus will be on educational stakeholders who need online access to audio-visual resources due to significant expansion of remote-learning programs. Other users to be included in the research include arts organizations who are engaged in or need access to online programming and presentation solutions to continue their activities. From this research, we will establish best practices for the media arts sector and sustainable working models that serve not only the needs of’s users but also ensure fair compensation for the creators and rights holders of artworks on streaming platforms. This will ultimately contribute to the financial viability, resilience, and overall success of the VUCAVU platform.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Zryd


Emily Collins






Information and cultural industries


York University



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