Digital interventions to improve social connectedness and mental wellbeing of vulnerable older adults during COVID-19 and beyond

This project aims to 1) identify and understand the unique social and psychological burdens that vulnerable older adults face during the pandemic, 2) explore and identify successful and unsuccessful digital interventions that has been done at the West End Seniors Network (WESN) to help raise social connectedness, and 3) develop strategies and design future interventions to improve the mental wellbeing of the diverse senior population in Vancouver. The intern will conduct semi-structured interviews and focus groups with seniors in the community in order to accomplish the project goals. WESN and other senior centers across Canada will be able to use the data gathered in this project to guide future programs and direct funds to important existing programs. The collaboration between the intern’s academic institution and WESN on this project will also build a foundation for future collaborative research, expanding the knowledge on the mental health of seniors in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Theodore Cosco


Indira Riadi


Mental Health Research Canada




Health care and social assistance


Simon Fraser University



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