Digital Readiness: An Evaluation of Rural Broadband Models in British Columbia

Connectivity is a critical service, a foundational need to actively participate in the economy and society. However, rural communities in British Columbia (BC) continue to face challenges with connectivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on this digital divide, demonstrating the inequities resulting from connectivity challenges.
Across rural BC, local governments have been increasingly taking ownership over connectivity. The result is a wide range of innovative approaches relating to infrastructure, network operation, and internet service provision. Little research has been done to investigate or understand these approaches, leaving communities with no information to demonstrate what enables models to be successful, or to help communities to understand what models may be appropriate to use.
The goal of this research is to identify, understand, and evaluate existing models of rural connectivity in rural BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sarah-Patricia Breen


Mckenna Dubois;Ishith Nigam


City West






Selkirk College



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