Digital tools for Ottawa’s Cultural Heritage Conservation: Ottawa New Edinburgh Club Boat-House (ONEC)

Heritage information plays an essential role in the adequate planning and monitoring of conservation strategies. Digital tools have revolutionized the speed and the accuracy in recording heritage places. This pilot project addresses how to integrate information gathered through digital technology into coherent graphic record (floor plans, section, and elevations) and how to understand the relationship between recording and good conservation decision-making. It will test how to integrate strategies for emerging digital technologies in the rehabilitation of architectural heritage. This documentation activity will fill the gaps between digital innovations in the recording technology and traditional heritage documentation and will contribute as a new form of information on the current state of the building that can be manipulated to explore and demonstrate a range of enhancement and adaptive reuse actions. The research motif will be one of the few examples of aquatic architecture in Canada from early 20th century: the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC).

Faculty Supervisor:

Mariana Esponda


Kathleen Coulthart


Lingbawan Storer




Management of companies and enterprises




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