Digital twin framework for modular residential construction systems

In order to address issues with affordable housing, new innovative approaches to construction are being developed which require customized feedback using smart data solutions. This research aims to develop the necessary software and hardware configuration to enable designers to optimize their decision making in design, construction and operations of single-unit and multi-unit residential buildings. The partner organization and intern will utilize an upcoming small-scale residential construction project to learn how best to create a smart data system that can be used to optimize and inform decision making. The result of this research will help the partner organization optimize future designs for large-scale affordable housing solutions. On a broader scale, the results will also benefit the Canadian economy by facilitating affordable housing solutions that have shorter project times, lower costs, and which are optimized to dwelling comfort and overall quality of living.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carl Haas


Christopher Rausch


Edge Architects


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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