Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO); A novel technique for gold recovery from mercury-contaminated tailings from artisanal and small-scale gold mining

The proposed research aims to optimize the use of DMSO as a lixiviant in gold recovery. To date, mercury and cyanide are the popular lixiviants used in the gold processing industry. These chemicals are harmful to both the environment and humans, and have been the major concern in gold mining. The proposed lixiviant, DMSO, is an FDA approved chemical that is cheap and environment friendly. The successful use of DMSO in gold mining is beneficial to the gold mining industry.

Upon the successful use of DMSO for gold leaching, Newlox Gold Ventures Corp, being the partner organization for the study, will have the opportunity to pilot the use of DMSO in gold leaching. The company also has the advantage of promoting the technique to other miners in the industry, as well as establish collaborations with local and national governments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcello Veiga


Omotayo Fadina


Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.





University of British Columbia



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