Direct Contact Steam Generator Flue Gas Subsurface Modeling and Application

Direct Contact Steam Generators (DCSGs) for use in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage generate flue gas containing steam and C02 which can be injected into reservoirs to aid bitumen recovery with part of the C02 remaining underground. The objectives of this project are to understand mechanisms of C02-stearn bitumen rate enhancement and determine the amount of C02 stored during the recovery process. Reservoir simulation modeling of C02 and steam injection will be done in parallel to Suncor’s steam-C02 co-injection field pilot. It is
expected that the results will show that C02 enhances oil production due to oil swelling and viscosity reduction and that a large fraction, up to 25+%, of the injected C02 remains underground. Thus, the process is a cleaner oil sands recovery process than existing operations. The project, with both simulation and field pilot analysis, provides excellent training opportunities and provides results to help Suncor understand their pilot operation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Donald Gates


Samaneh Ashoori


Suncor Energy Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Oil and gas


University of Calgary



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