Direct Recycling Process of Spent Lithium Iron-phosphate Batteries

Lithium batteries, developed during 80’s, are used more and more as energy sources for electronic devices, hybrid or electric vehicles or other uses. Another application currently in development is the use of lithium batteries to stabilize the energy grid system and energy fluctuations from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Hydro-Québec is developing such large-scale energy storage system based on a lithium battery technology called “Lithium iron-phosphate”, developed at Hydro-Quebec. However, the use of such storage system will eventually generate, after about 10 years of usage, a significant amount of spent batteries. Their recycling will reduce our ecological footprint and embrace the principles of sustainable development. The current research project is aiming to develop a process to recycle the spent lithium to produce fresh material to build new batteries. 

Faculty Supervisor:

George Demopoulos


Direct Recycling Process of Spent Lithium Iron-phosphate Batteries


Institut de Recherche Hydro-Québec - Laboratoire des Technologies de l'Énergie




Environmental industry




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