Dissolvable Glass Technology

The goal of the Dissolvable Glass Technology research project is to develop new glass technologies and products to reduce the cost and environmental impact in the utility, forestry, and oil and gas sectors. It has been said that we are ‘entering the age of glass’, and we aim to explore the numerous and varied possibilities where dissolvable glasses can be utilized. However, to achieve these glass technologies, fundamental glass research must be performed in three key areas: mechanical properties, thermal behaviour and dissolution behaviour. Once completed, the product suite generated from the Dissolvable Glass Technology research project will enhance the durability of engineered wood products against mold, decay, termites. It will increase the life expectancy of wood assets, lower the carbon emissions and reduce costs in oil and gas production as well as increasing efficacy in reforestation and crop production. The successful development and commercialization of these products will encourage further technical glass development in key sectors in Alberta and be one necessary step in the establishment of fundamental glass research facilities at the University of Alberta; this partnership will benefit both sides, academic and industrial, by advancing glass research in Western Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

M. Yaman Boluk


Courtney Marie Calahoo




Engineering - civil



University of Alberta



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