Diversity Measures and Equal Opportunity Practices in the North American Corporate Labour Force and Global Diversity Management Practices

Visier Solutions Inc hopes to create a new standard for the measurement of employee diversity in organizations based on scientific research and measured baselines. With the help of the interns, this study will set a standard for the practical measurement of diversity in organizations as well as best practices in the analysis of metric results. The findings of this study will enrich our understanding of diversity and equal opportunity treatment of diverse groups in the corporate environment. Further, the study will expand Canadian knowledge on diversity management practices through engaging with the literature on global legal diversity definitions and management practices. The study will utilize quantitative and qualitative techniques through a statistical analysis of corporate employee data and a literature review on international practices leading to a sustained increase in the diversity of global enterprises.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Esses


Alexandra M. Bozheva;Paolo Palma


Visier Solutions Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Information and cultural industries


Western University



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