Diversity Snapshot of Hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area

This project will provide a snapshot of diversity in hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). There are a number of culturally diverse groups (e.g., visible minorities, women) who face barriers to accessing healthcare services in Ontario as well as preventing their full workforce participation. In order to identify and address these barriers, diversity strategies (e.g., practices, processes, policies) will be examined in six key areas: leadership and governance; strong and transparent human resources practices; quality of life and organizational cultural; measuring and tracking diversity; integrating or mainstreaming the diversity across the value chain and developing the pipeline. In such a highly diverse region as the GTA, an examination of diversity strategies would yield examples of successful practices – aimed at creating higher quality, client-centred, and accessible healthcare as well as to increase the labour force participation of diverse groups – that can be adapted and applied elsewhere. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. James Tiessen & Wendy Cukier


Jarrod Ladouceur


ECHO: Improving Women’s Health in Ontario




Life sciences


Ryerson University



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