Does Endovascular Coiling of Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms Result in

Preventing a brain aneurysm from bleeding is an important minimally invasive procedure. It involves specialized training to develop skills in manipulating a tiny tube from the groin artery into the brain. This is performed using highly specialized imaging/X-ray equipment. Once the tube is guided into the brain aneurysm, small coils are positioned within the aneurysm to prevent it from bleeding. The goal of this internship is to investigate the efficacy of this technique in treating one of the most common types of brain aneurysms located at the posterior communicating artery. The results of the project will help guide future modifications to the technique. The intern will be involved in subspecialty training in order to develop an understanding of the pertinent imaging modalities, patient-specific characteristics and image-guided techniques used for this treatment. The partner company, Ottawa Hospital Regional Imaging Associates (OHRIA), will benefit in advancing its research mandate. The interaction will function as a training ground for future neuroradiology experts with many being future OHRIA partners. This will ensure continued expert health care provision for the Ottawa region, and an important foundation for recruitment and development of OHRIA’s depth of services. This will maintain OHRIA’s reputation as one of the leading groups of radiologists providing radiology subspecialty training in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Cheemun Lum


Jai Shankar


Ottawa Hospital Regional Imaging Associates (OHRIA)




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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