Don’t Try This at Home

The goal of this project is to curate an exhibition of contemporary art with three Canadian artists around the theme of art, culture and technology. The intern has developed a curatorial thesis and will select and install artworks, write didactics and an accompanying catalogue text, and act as the liaison between the artists and the gallery regarding all matters pertaining to the exhibition including list of works, shipping, crating, travel, content, contextualization, installation, publication, and dessemination. The intern's thesis will include a written as well as curatorial component: a book and an exhibition. This combination in the department of Visual Arts strives to bring together theory and practice equally. The internship at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery will serve as the equivalent of a peer-assessed publication or public presentation of academic work.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bridget Elliott


Corinna Ghaznavi


Robert McLaughlin Gallery


Visual arts



Western University



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