Dry powder coating of solid pharmaceutical dosages

Solid pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablets and beads used in capsules are currently coated by liquid coating technology, which incurs high environmental risk and high capital and operation costs. Prof. Zhu's research group has developed an ultratine powder coating technology for the auto industry. Our previous studies have shown that the same technology can also be extended for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. So far, first success in the new coating technology has been achieved and several coating systems have been developed using acceptable formulations. Before this technology is ready for actual application, we need to carry out some more detailed studies on formulation, characterization, optimization, and scale-up, aiming to build a large pre-commercialization proto-type pan coater to demonstrate this technology for future commercialization. Patheon, as a partner of this project, will be the receptor and the first licensee of this technology. The expected 60-80% energy savings on capital cost and 80-90% savings on operation cost will benefit Patheon and many other pharmaceutical companies in Ontario when it is fully commercialized.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jingxu (Jesse) Zhu


Jing Xu


Patheon Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




Western University



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