Dual inhibition of CA9 and CA12 as effective novel anti-cancer therapy

Hypoxic cells comprise most aggressive and therapy resistant population in the tumors therefore targeting proteins that are essential for hypoxia survival is an effective novel anti-cancer treatment. We have an ability to generate highly specific humanized synthetic antibodies against target of choice. We will generate antibodies against proteins that promote hypoxia survival, test their effect in 2D/3D systems and will move to preclinical/clinical trials upon successful in vitro validation. Partner organization will benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise in researching hypoxia as the laboratory of Dr. Wouters is a world renowned expert in the field. I have gained a lot of experience in development and analysis of 3D cellular systems during my PhD research that concentrated in stem cell biology. Overall, this fruitful collaboration will lead to development of new line of therapeutics that could help save lives of hundreds of thousands of suffering cancer patients worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brad Garry Wouters


Maria Kondratyev


University of Toronto




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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