Durable, temperature resistant omniphobic and dustphobic coatings

This project will investigate how to develop a multifunctional surface coating which exhibits both dust and liquid repellencies for industries like wood mills where fire hazard is a major challenge caused due to the accumulation of liquid contaminants and dust particles. The U of T / Eclipson Technologies team will develop durable coatings possessing these properties along with high temperature resistance that could be readily applied on application of various substrates (metals, glass, ceramic). This involves developing surface coatings, characterizing them. evaluating their performance and adopting approaches to improve their durability and high temperature resistance. Moreover, this coating will be tested in a wood mill industry to understand practical challenges and devise strategies to overcome those challenges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kevin Golovin


Leticia Recla


Eclipson Technologies


Engineering - mechanical




University of Toronto



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