Dynamic actor tracking for Augmented Reality-based filmmaking guidance

Augmented Reality can help in simplifying the filmmaking process by intelligently suggesting shot composition angles for amateur filmmakers to take better shots. In partnership with Rubber Match Productions, researchers will investigate how actors within an AR filmmaking environment can be dynamically tracked to provide real-time guidance to the filmmaker for shot composition. The project will utilize latest advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision to track actors in real-time through videos. Multiple actors will be tracked simultaneously, and Rubber Match’s proprietary “smallest angle principle” will be applied on the actors’ positions for accurate shot composition. The developed technology and accompanying app will provide amateur filmmakers with professional filmmaking guidance at their fingertips. The proposed research will also be expected to make significant contributions in the fields of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The intersection of these two fields is becoming increasingly important for providing production-level software tools and techniques in digital media and video production

Faculty Supervisor:

Naimul Khan


Geerthan Srikantharajah


Rubber Match Productions Inc.


Engineering - biomedical


Information and cultural industries


Ryerson University



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