Dynamic Control of Robotic Arm

In the design of robotic mechanisms, dynamic balancing i.e. force and moment balancing is an important issue. The robotic mechanism’s accuracy and efficiency are affected because of the unbalance. Moreover, the forces and moments cause fatigue, noise and disturbance in its structural base. Previous research done by Prof. Chris Zhang include a force balancing method that is termed as adjusting kinematic parameters (AKP) for robotic mechanisms or real-time controllable (RTC) mechanisms. This research includes dynamic balancing method for planar mechanisms only i.e. two dimensional. This method is compared with counter-balance method (CW). It is shown that AKP-method performed better than CW-method in dynamic balancing of robotic mechanism. My MSc thesis topic is ‘dynamic control of robotic arm’. My research includes furthering the AKP-method in terms of dynamic balance and optimization for spatial (X, Y & Z) 6-DoF mechanism. My research also includes dynamic balancing application to oscillators and robots.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chris Zhang


Anil Borugadda



Engineering - mechanical



University of Saskatchewan



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