Dynamic Door-to- Transit Station “Shared” E-Taxi Serving Smart Community

While electric vehicles (EVs) are generally viewed as non-polluting and environmentally friendly, EV utilization brings other concerns such as: range anxiety, battery charging issues, cost of electricity, and network overload. Furthermore even though EVs are better for the environment in comparison with the traditional vehicles powered with internal combustion engine, they are still vehicles on the road contributing to road congestion. This study aims to address the above mentioned shortcomings of EVs by investing in a door-to transit station shared E-Taxi system. A successful project would mean having an acceptable plan for a taxi company to pick up and try out for the smart community which would result in:

  • Not everyone in the smart community being required to have an electrical vehicle or vehicle in general
  • Reduction in electricity usage
  • Flexible door to terminal station transit system for the residence of the smart community
  • Higher transit ridership
  • Reduction in road congestion
Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Joseph Chow


Shadi Djavadian


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy


Ryerson University



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