Dynamic mathematical modeling for control of film gauge for Tedlar® film casting

The objective of the proposed research project is to develop a mathematical model that can be used to predict, monitor and control the thickness profile of extruded Tedlar® film, particularly during product transitions and batch switches.  Development of this model will require a detailed understanding of the extrusion and film casting process, as well as identification of key polymer and process parameters that influence film gauge.  Existing and new process data from grade and batch changes will be collected and used to explore the influence of polymer properties and process conditions on dynamic changes in film thickness profiles.   This data set will be used to make decisions about the types of phenomena that will be included in the mathematical model, to estimate model parameters and to validate model predictions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Kim B. McAuley & Marianna Kontopoulou


Zahra Eghtesadi


DuPont Canada


Engineering - chemical / biological




Queen's University



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