Dynamic modeling and real-time adaptivecontrol of a dual-ducted UAV with tilting rotors

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are gaining significant amount of attention with research institutes and industry. They are entering into the domain of civil applications such as searchand-rescue, and urban policing. Making robust UAVs that can take off the ground, fly, and safely land on rough terrains autonomously remains a challenge. The focus of this research is on: (1) doing a comprehensive dynamic analysis of a dualducted tilting rotor VTOL UAV developed by 4Front Robotics, (2) implementing and evaluating the robust adaptive controller developed by 4Front Robotics for pith-hover and safe take-off and landing on rough and slanted terrains, and (3) tuning the controller via simulation and in-field experimentations. 4Front Robotics, an all-Canadian company located in Calgary, Alberta, is a complete solution provider for unmanned vehicles (www.4frontrobotics.com). They build highly maneuverable Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles (UA/GVs). Their dual-ducted tilt-rotor VTOL UAV in particular provides a platform suitable for being operational in helicopter impenetrable environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mehran Mehrandezh


Kiarash Samsami


4Front Robotics




Aerospace and defense


University of Regina



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