Dynamic Modelling of Be Stars Disks

The proposed project is to create dynamic models of a Be Star Disk using the SINGLEBE code. This project will be the next paper in the series of papers titled; The Dynamical Evolution of Be Star Disks around Be Stars part I and III by Haubois and Carciofi et al. This series of papers are important because they examine the general predictions of dynamically active Viscous Decretion Disks (VDD) models and how they compare qualitatively with observations. The 3rd paper in this series will be done by Leandro Rimulo, a PhD student of Dr. Carciofi. This paper will examine how variation in emission lines and magnitude correlate to the emission lines and the photometric colors of a Be Star, by analysing the line profile evolution of VDD disk. I will be responsible for the computation and organization of the models, as well as, the compilation of the set of the representative observations to compare with the models. This research project is extremely unique as no one has produced work that focuses on the type of temporal spectroscopic variability expected in a VDD model.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carol Jones


Naciza Masikini



Physics / Astronomy



Western University



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