Dynamics and Control of Quadrotor Vehicles

Research and development of small UAVs have accelerated over the past few years, spurred on by the progress in miniaturization of actuator, sensor and computer control technologies. A number of such UAVs are currently available commercially and many more have been developed by researchers for laboratory studies. The focus of the present project is on small UAVs (< ~5 kg in weight) and furthermore on rotary-wing rather than fixed-wing systems. Sharf's research group has been working with several rotary platforms (quadrotors) over the past five years. Problems in control, motion planning, state estimation and localization and mapping have been addressed. Sharf is interested in exploring further the following problems related to quadrotor UAVs: 1) dynamics and control for recovery from collision/impact 2) tau-control strategies for landing 3) design of UAVs with reversible thrust propellers 4) surveying and categorizing existing quadrotor platforms and developing guidelines for optimal size selection with respect to different types of missions 5) design of landing gear and control strategies for landing on ice-berg 6) inductive recharging of UAVs Student will work on a particular problem from the above list, depending on progress of research by 2015 and student's specific interests.

Faculty Supervisor:

Inna Sharf





Engineering - mechanical



McGill University



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