Eco-efficiency Evaluation of Cybersecurity Solutions

Industries around the world have been leaning towards cleaner solutions to mitigate their environmental footprint. IT is one industry that has been rapidly growing during the recent past. Hence, it is important to enhance the environmental performance of IT solutions through a life cycle thinking lens. Eco-efficiency evaluation enables analyzing the environmental and economic performance of a product in focus and has been a popular ratio for comparing alternative products. This research performs eco-efficiency assessment for cybersecurity solutions. The operational and embodied carbon footprint of cybersecurity solutions will be estimated using ISO standards. Life cycle costing and carbon footprint will be used for calculating the eco-efficiency of a cybersecurity solution. The findings of this research support identifying environmentally acceptable and economically viable cybersecurity solutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rajeev Ruparathna;Ikjot Saini


John Akana


Crypto4A Technologies


Engineering - civil


Information and cultural industries


University of Windsor



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