Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Songbirds in the Waterton Park Front Area

The objective of this project is to establish a long-term study on the ecology of grassland songbirds in the Waterton Park Front Area (just outside of Waterton National Park), Alberta. The student will examine how different grazing regimes and other management actions influence birds. Fieldwork, which will occur from approximately May to July each year, will involve bird surveys, vegetation monitoring, and interacting with a variety of stakeholders. The Nature Conservancy of Canada will benefit by learning how different management strategies on their properties influence grassland songbirds. This could influence future management actions on these properties, and will help ranchers and conservation organizations find common ground from which we can ensure ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicola Koper


Zachary Moore


Nature Conservancy Canada


Resources and environmental management



University of Manitoba



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