Ecology, Conservation and Welfare of Captive Wildlife

A joint research agreement was adopted between Concordia University and Zoo de Granby in the spring 2014. The firm BBA joined this partnership in November 2014. The aim of the initiative is to foster the training of highly qualified personnel in conservation and welfare of captive wildlife, by allowing Concordia students to get hands-on experience at the zoo. The Zoo de Granby wants to improve the animal’s welfare and needs more scientific data to achieve this; and BBA wants to know whether the type of habitat they recommend to the zoo is suitable for the animals as well as for the security of the visitors and the zoo staff. The program will focus on behavior, reproduction,
activity budget including animal welfare and space use of captive animal at the zoo de Granby or elsewhere. Also the effect of visitor numbers, change of habitats and enrichment of these variables. With the results of these projects, we hope to shed light on the species-specific needs of zoo-housed animals. It will therefore give the opportunity to BBA to develop novel design more appropriate for animals, zoo staff and visitors. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Weladgi


Julie Beaudin-Judd


BBA Inc.






Concordia University



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