EcoMeter: a web based meta sustainability rating system for consumer products.


This particular project pertains to the development of a proprietary algorithm that will source product reviews from sites like,, and to breakdown a product’s environmental impact by analyzing and weighing variants such as social responsibility, materials, production facilities, location, transport, packaging and disposal.  EcoMeter will also allow consumers to customize the rating algorithm by defining what variants they value most.  The end result is a flexible meta rating system that combines the best sources of environmental information with personalization controls for each consumer. The information from three sources i.e. product, corporate and the consumer rating is used to provide the overall rating to the product. The desired rating system is developed through the use of a specific decision making algorithm. The research will result in the creation of a particular prototype (spreadsheet based) algorithm that will be given to EnviroSpeak Media to drive the companies eco rating system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Amir Albadvi


Amritpal Singh Randhawa


Envirospeak Media




Environmental industry


University of Victoria



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