Economic and environmental impacts associated with removal of productivity-enhancing technologies in the Canadian beef cattle industry

Beef cattle play an important role in food production worldwide by making use of resources from which humans can derive little nutritional value to provide a nutrient-rich foodstuff containing protein, minerals and vitamins. However, greenhouse gases and ammonia that are produced by the cattle industry are associated with climate change. Producing nutritious beef that meets consumer demands with minimal environmental impacts requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders in the beef industry. Changes in local and global consumer demand have created both opportunities and challenges for the cattle industry. Therefore, an assessment of the environmental and economic implications of removing PETs is necessary to provide science-based information that considers the environmental and economic impacts of market expansion in this area and to assist consumers in making informed decisions about food purchases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kim Ominski


Emily Boonstra


Canadian Cattlemen's Association


Animal science




University of Manitoba



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