Economic benefits of local purchasing

This research project will investigate local economic impacts resulting from municipal government procurement through locally-owned suppliers in comparison to procurement through national or multinational suppliers with local operations. The objective of the project is to determine a BC analysis to quanitify the economic impact of local purchasing decisions. Using the LM3 method, this research will involve the collection and analysis of records from a locally owned business (Mills Basics) and public documents from a national chain (Office Max) and multinational chains (Office Depot and Staples) in the same sector (Office Supplies).

The specific measuring process will look at the: 1. source of income (total income into the office supply retailers) and will then look at how it is 2. Circulated back into the local economy in the forms of wages and benefits, locally retained profit, local procurement of goods and services and local charitable, and 3. How this is re-spent within a defined BC. Together these measurements will allow us to determine the local multiplier and economic impact for office retailers in BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. James Tansey


Anthony Pringle






Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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