Economic complexity, value chain network and Québec’s global competitiveness

The purpose of this project is to position Quebec in the global production network and to compute Quebec’s Product Complexity Index (PCI) and Economic Complexity Index (ECI) using Hidalgo and Hausmann (2009) methodology. Based on the rankings of PCI and ECI, we can have a clear understanding of the economic structure of different countries and their hierarchical position in the global production and trade network. Hidalgo and Hausmann (2009) argue that economic growth is related to the intensity and diversity of business activities taking place in geographically bounded regions. At the same time, the distribution of value and power across firms, activities and countries is unequal. Certain business sectors require high level of knowledge intensity and cross-sectional coordination and collaboration than the others. As a result, these business sectors have higher levels of Production Complexity Index (PCI) in the global production network and are at the core of the global product space. Hidalgo and Hausmann (2009) assert that it is more beneficial for a country to have competitive advantage in producing and trading the products that are in the core of the global product network rather than those that at the periphery, […]

Faculty Supervisor:

Ekaterina Turkina


Yihan Wang





Advanced manufacturing




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