Economic Fire Design of Buildings

With my research time at Halsall I wish to contribute to a body knowledge that will assist with Halsall’s current needs and future directions. A review of relevant literature on methods and procedures for designing more economical, fire-resistant buildings would serve Halsall by providing them with a reference works with which their design engineers can use to make informed decisions in the choice of how their projects come to fruition. With Halsall already being an industry leader in restoration engineering, a focus on more economical fire-resistant design may help reduce costs on major restoration projects. Halsall’s sustainable design contracts and environmental initiatives may benefit by reducing the amount of building materials used and thus potentially reducing the project’s environmental impact. A furthered understanding of fire resistance may also allow for better response complicated designs in new buildings. All of this could be used by Halsall to establish market advantage over competing firms. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Green


Greg Shier




Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Queen's University



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