Economic Impacts and Influence of COVID-19 on Syrian Refugee Settlement and Integration in Rural Canada

The research will highlight the COVID-19 related economic and social challenges faced by Syrian Refugees who have settled in Rural Canada. These new residents have settled, started to adjust to life in Canada, and have suddenly found themselves challenged by economic and social uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. The results of this research will help local governments and community organizations, in addition to anyone planning settlement and integration activities, to better understand how refugees are being impacted, their priorities, and what supports and services are critical to ensuring the health and economic well being and resilience of new refugees. The study will identify economic impacts associated with COVID-19 and will offer strategies and approaches aimed to assist these new residents.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wayne Caldwell


Rana Telfah


Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Guelph



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