Economic Implications of Policy Change in Rural Regions: Implications of Legalizing Cannabis in the Kootenay Region

How does policy created by the federal government impact local rural regions? What are the positive and negative implications of policy changes made in Ottawa? This research focuses on understanding the economic implications of changes in federal policies in rural areas. With better understanding, businesses and community serving organizations can better plan for economic implications emerging from policy change.
The Government of Canada has indicated the legalization of cannabis will take before summer 2018. As the federal government moves towards legalization, questions have emerged about how these federal and associated provincial and local government policies will impact rural regions. This research will investigate the economic implications of the proposed policy change of cannabis legalization in rural Canada. Through this research, the economic implications of this policy will be conducted in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia. The outcomes of this research will benefit regional stakeholders in the Kootenay region, including Community Futures Central Kootenay, to build enhanced economic strategic plans.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Gibson


Tracey Harvey


Community Futures Central Kootenay


Environmental sciences


Management of companies and enterprises




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