Economic Outcomes and Retention Rate of BC Provincial Nominees: Comparisons with Immigrants from Other Classes

This project will analyze and research explanations for differences in economic outcomes and retention rate between immigration classes, with a special focus on the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs. The study will emphasize on comparisons between Provincial Nominees and other economic immigrants, between immigrants from different classes with strong human capital characteristics, and between immigrants in British Columbia and other provinces. The data that will be used is the Longitudinal Immigration Database, which links immigrant landing records to tax information. In addition to descriptive analysis, this paper will use regression methods to explore explanations for differences in economic outcomes and assimilation rates. Knowing the factors that contribute to the economic advantage or disadvantage of different classes of immigrants could help the Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development design better policies and programs. Such policies or programs would be more efficient in selecting nominees and in helping immigrants’ settlement and advancement within British Columbia.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Daniel Hiebert


Haimin Zhang


Statistics Canada


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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