Education as a Mechanism to Foster Economic Development of Local Mining Communities

This SEF/MITACS proposal seeks to develop a curriculum about mining and local economic development. The content of the curriculum is divided into two main parts: a) mining life cycle and its phases and b) the opportunities that mining activities can create to local communities. The ultimate goal in developing this curriculum is to create a workshop series that can be delivered to local community members, local leaders, aboriginal people, government representatives, etc., with the intention of building community capacity to identify and take advantage of the economic opportunities that a mining project can create. The development of this proposed mining education curriculum for communities in addition to fill a gap not fulfilled by the mining industry nor governments also becomes a business opportunity to SEF that can eventually provide its consulting services to the industry and / or communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Marcello Veiga


Andre Moura Xavier


SEF Canada




Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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