Education, Community Engagement and Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: North East British Columbia

Education preparedness is important for communities to engage in the resource sector development. This ranges from having the minimum requirements of a high school diploma to acquiring trades expertise or have a professional designation. Often overlooked are the reasons for gaps in this area. The goal of this research is first to determine the gaps, and second to map them in a manner that highlights the differences of the communities interviewed. The directed interviews about baseline education levels associated with academic preparedness and skills training was analyzed to determine what type of support is lacking in the Natural Gas development. The interviews took place throughout the Monteny Region of NE British Columbia region to assist with Liquid Natural Gas development. This assessment focused on what educational resources are currently in place, and assessed their ability to meet and deliver program in support of specific skill development, their potential to enhance skills training in partnership with local authorities trough all phases of education K-12 to apprentice and/or university education. This second part of the research will map the results, and provide an outline detailing procedures and expectations associated with an outreach strategy employed by potential oil and gas producers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dawn Mills


Azaria Botta


Calfrac Well Services Ltd.




Oil and gas


University of British Columbia



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