Effect of anisotropy in thermal-hydro-mechanical properties on casing and caprock integrity

Argillaceous shales comprise a large proportion of rocks in most sedimentary basins. They serve as caprocks in the projects of petroleum industry. Maintaining borehole and caprock integrity is to prevent disasters such as borehole collapse and leakage through caprocks. Thermal-hydro-mechanical properties of argillaceous shales have decisive controls on the integrity analysis. As a kind of clay rich geomaterial, argillaceous shales feature in oriented fabric and have anisotropic behaviors. Currently, the investigations on anisotropic thermal-hydro- mechanical properties of argillaceous shale are limited. During designing of oil exploiting, the neglect of anisotropy will reduce the degree of exactitude. The objective of this internship is to work with BitCan Geosciences & Engineering Inc. and their expertise and facilities to develop characterization tools on investigating the anisotropic thermal-hydromechanical behaviors in argillaceous shale. The researches included in the internship are closely related to BitCan’s technical services. The generated results can be written in their programs and promote BitCan’s businesses in petroleum industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ron C. K. Wong


Biao Li


BitCan Geosciences & Engineering Inc.


Engineering - civil


Oil and gas


University of Calgary



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