Effect of Different Carbohydrate Sources on Starch Fractions and Glycemic Index in Commercial Extruded Dog Diets

Obesity and diabetes are leading nutrition-related disorders among pets in North America and have significant impacts on animal morbidity and mortality. The glycemic index, a measure of post-prandial blood glucose response, has been shown in humans to significantly impact glucose control, insulin sensitivity, weight management, and chronic disease risk. In pets, the effects of carbohydrates on health is an area of debate, though there is currently a lack of data to back up claims. The goal of this research is to examine the effect of different carbohydrate sources on glucose metabolism and relate this to the starch types present. This study will examine the amount of each starch fraction (slowly digestible, rapidly digestible or resistant starch) available in four extruded dog diets containing different carbohydrate sources, and predict their glycemic index in-vitro.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adronie Verbrugghe


Alexandra Rankovic


University of Guelph








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