Effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation using the StimaWELL 120MTRS system on multifidus muscle morphology and function in patients with chronic low back pain

Chronic low-back pain (CLBP) is a significant health issue in North America. CLBP patients demonstrate structural changes to and reduced function of the multifidus muscle, which is important to low-back health. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is a treatment used to improve pain and function in low-back pain patients, but is frequently painful. Our partner has developed a device (the StimaWELL 120MTRS Stimulation Mat) that is less painful for patients, but its effects on multifidus structure and function are unknown. Therefore, our research goal is to determine whether this device can improve the structure and function of the multifidus in CLBP patients. Our partner will benefit by having access to the ultrasound and MRI measurements that we will provide, and by having the efficacy of his device evaluated in a clinical trial.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maryse Fortin;Geoffrey Dover;Mathieu Boily


Daniel Wolfe






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