Effect of surface pretreatment and zinc coating on the corrosion behaviour of Mg alloys for biodegradable applications.

Magnesium alloys are good candidates for the development of biodegradable implants for cardiovascular and orthopedic applications. A biodegradable implant would perform its desired function and then disappear, avoiding long-term complications and the need of a second surgery to withdraw the implant. Magnesium is biocompatible and its alloys have good mechanical properties, which are required properties for implant applications. However, they corrode (dissolve) too fast in the body, leading to loss of mechanical properties and premature implant failure. An interesting approach to decrease the corrosion rate of Mg alloys is the use of protective coatings. This project is aimed at the development of biocompatible zinc coatings in order to better control the implant dissolution rate. A zinc coating would dissolve at a lower rate extending the implant lifetime. The proposed research will allow us to understand the dissolution process of zinc-coated Mg alloys and to produce coatings with better protective properties.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sasha Omanovic


Mario Alberto Ascencio Pinedo



Engineering - chemical / biological



McGill University



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