Effect of V on the fir-tree zone and Fe-rich intermetallic phase selection in AA1xxx DC cast alloy

Rio Tinto Alcan, the industrial partner of this project, is slowly faced a challenge to produce AA1XXX DC cast ingots with much higher impurity levels than before. The present project is aimed to investigate the influence of impurity elements, particularly V levels, on the fir-tree zone and its related Fe-rich intermetallic phase selection. This project will study the effect of V and Ca on the fir-tree zone and distribution of Fe-rich intermetallics in the function of the distance from the chill surface in order to better control the fir-tree zone at higher impurity levels to improve the cast quality. This project will provide the best guidelines to the industrial partner, Rio Tinto Alcan, for improving the production of AA 1xxx alloy with high impurity levels to meet the highest standards in the marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. X-Grant Chen


Kun Liu


Rio Tinto Alcan




Environmental industry


Université du Québec à Chicoutimi



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