Effective and Improved Telerehabilitation in Physical Therapy

This project aims at developing a remote physical therapy system for patients with motor impairment issues, such as stroke patients. The proposed system eliminates the requirement of in-person therapy sessions between a patient and their therapist. This is done by allowing a therapist to send the exercises that a patient needs to do, electronically through the proposed application. The patient can perform these exercises later, as per their convenience, without requiring the direct supervision of the therapist, and at the same time get real-time feedback on their performance every time they do these exercises, similar to the in-person feedback from a therapist. Similarly, the proposed system also allows the therapist to monitor the patient’s performance remotely, thereby reducing the need for direct interaction with the patient. Therefore, the system will be of great benefit, especially in times like COVID-19 as it will allow maintaining social distancing between a therapist and their patients. The partner organization aims to patent the novel aspects of the technology and will gain financial benefits by launching the product commercially.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pourang Irani


Ritesh Udhani


OrbTrot Technologies Inc


Computer science


Health care and social assistance


University of Manitoba



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