Effective Early Colorectal Cancer Detection at Endoscopy Using an Adjunct Device Based on Raman Spectroscopy: Translating Technology Advances into Clinical Practices

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer. Tumors in the colon are commonly found as polyps. Polyps are usually benign but adenomatous polyps can grow into cancer. Detection of malignant polyps at an early stage greatly improves CRC prognosis. However, it is difficult to distinguish between pre-cancerous and benign polyps visually using conventional colonoscopy alone. Several techniques adjunct to colonoscopy are devised, but none provides pathology specific information. Raman spectroscopy is a promising tool that provides rapid and objective diagnosis of early cancers according to pathology. With help from our industrial partner and clinical research team at the University, I will verify a Raman spectroscopic device that could improve diagnosis accuracy of early CRC at endosocpy. The technique expects to replace existing random biopsy procedures and benefit cancer patient care for Canadians. Our industrial partner, Verisante Technology, will utilize the knowledge to commercialize its early CRC detection products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Haishan Zeng


Wenbo Wang


Verisante Technology Inc.




Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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