Effective knowledge translation of evidence-based best practice for healthy lifestyle behaviours – Year two

The research supports the effective knowledge translation of evidence-based best practice information related to healthy lifestyle behaviours. Over a two-year period, the post-doctoral fellow will create a series of knowledge translation tools that can be used in the effective primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease through lifestyle behaviour modification. Our proposed initiative will capitalize on the best of the existing models of health promotion. We believe that the proposed development of knowledge translation tools has the potential to affect positively the health and wellbeing of thousands of Canadians. It is anticipated that through this initiative we will be able to improve the dissemination of information regarding the most effective primary and secondary preventative strategies for prominent medical conditions and obesity a key priority of the Health and Fitness Society of BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shannon Bredin


Erin Shellington


Health and Fitness Society of British Columbia




Medical devices




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