Effectiveness of a community based therapeutic writing intervention to improve community sense of self

The Toronto Writers Collective (TWC), a not for profit corporation, aims to empower vulnerable populations by giving them a voice through providing them the opportunity to engage in creative writing. The TWC has received numerous impact statements from attendees and facilitators regarding their involvement in the program. This research project will investigate the effectiveness of the program offered by the TWC. Attendees and facilitators will be queried regarding their participation in TWC workshops. They will also complete several questionnaires. The information collected during this project will allow the TWC to advocate for their program as being effective in aiding their attendees and facilitators to experience improvements in social engagement, financial literacy, and community leadership. Ultimately increasing the likelihood of the TWC securing greater funding in the future, and being able to reach a larger segment of the community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kelly McShane


Annabelle Torsein


Toronto Writers Collective








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