Effects of Chemotherapy and Immune Cells on Ribosomal RNA Degradation (RNA disruption) in Tumour Cells

The business partner in this application (Rna Diagnostics, Inc.) has developed a diagnostic tool to determine whether the tumour(s) of a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy before surgery is responding (dying) in response to treatment. This tool, called the Rna Disruption Assay (RDA), can help tailor chemotherapy, such that chemotherapy treatment is discontinued (along with its negative side effects) in patients with non-responding tumours. These patients can then move more quickly to other potentially more beneficial treatment. A new class of anti-cancer drugs can stimulate the body’s immune cells to kill tumours. They are called immunomodulators. The partner would like to determine if RDA can detect and quantify tumour cell death by the body’s immune cells, with or without chemotherapy agents. If so, then RDA may also be useful for patients prescribed immunomodulators and/or chemotherapy agents. This would significantly increase the value of RDA services provided by Rna Diagnostics, Inc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aseem Kumar


Isabella Pascheto


Rna Diagnostics


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Medical devices




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