Effects of probiotic treatment on adulthood anxiety and obesity after exposure to Western diet

Scientific studies show that the connection between the gut and the brain affects obesity and anxiety development. Since exposure to stress increases these problems, the relationship
between stress and the gut-brain connection warrants investigation. In the proposed experiment, we will examine the impact of probiotic (beneficial gut bacteria) delivery on weight gain and anxiety in rats exposed to early-life-stress and a high fat and sugare diet. Through an industry collaboration, we are interested in helping Lallemand Health Solutions (Montreal,Canada) expand research on their probiotic, Probio’Stick®, by applying it to an animal model of stress, anxiety, and obesity. Ultimately, our research will aid in developing therapies to prev ent and treat human diseases related to life stress and unhealthy diet.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tara Perrot


Elizabeth Myles


Lallemand Health Solutions




Medical devices




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