Effects of Probiotics on Anxiety and ADHD in Children

The Probiotics and Mental Health Research Lab in the Psychology Department at Acadia University is currently involved in exciting and innovative research examining the benefits that probiotics (a type of beneficial bacteria found in the human digestive tract as well as in certain foods) may provide to individuals living with psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. While it is already well documented that probiotics promote good digestive health, less is known about the effects of probiotics on psychological health. Lallemand Health Solutions has recently developed a technique to microencapsulate probiotic bacteria so that they are better able to survive stomach acids on their way to the intestines where they exert their beneficial effects. Dr. Susan Potter and Acadia graduate student, Anne Baccardax, plan to investigate the effectiveness of Lallemand’s “Probio’Stick”, a probiotic supplement, in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and ADHD in children. These mental health conditions can significantly impact a child’s quality of life. Research demonstrating that probiotics are an effective and natural treatment for these conditions could lead to tremendous benefits for these children.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Susan Potter


Anne Baccardax


Milk 2020






Acadia University



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